Thomas Houseman


Thomas Houseman - Winemaker

Thomas’ winemaking career unofficially began in the basement of his parent’s home in Hampton Roads, Virginia. His Welch’s grape juice and orange juice concentrate wines are lost in time, but we're sure they’d be showing well if any remained. Thomas narrowly escaped blindness from this stage of his life and went on to New York City, where he pursued a career in modern dance. Traveling the globe performing was great but it did not get him much free beer. So, he bought a book and taught himself to brew.

With the creativity of a dancer, the eye of a scientist, and the encouragement of friends who loved the free beer, the passion for fermenting reemerged.  Thomas left the stage and went back to school at CSU Fresno in the enology program.  It was there he fell in love with Pinot noir.  And, across the globe he embarked again, first to California’s Anderson Valley, then to New Zealand, and finally to Oregon.  After four years at Ponzi Vineyards, Thomas saw the opportunity to express himself at Anne Amie Vineyards where he is happy he can still use words like balance, grace, fluidity, elegance, power and style- words that once described his dancing, now describe his wines.

In his free time, Thomas still brews, having dragged his equipment across the US. Yoga and running have replaced dance, but winemaking remains the common thread that started in a basement and continues at Anne Amie.

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